Woodside signs MoU to mix Tassie mains gas with green hydrogen

The mains gas supply to families and companies in Tasmania might soon include a mix of sustainable hydrogen, with gas company Woodside signing a memorandum of understanding with the Tasmanian government to build among Australia’s largest electrolyser jobs.

Woodside is aiming to establish the H2TAS project, which it proposes to integrate in Bell Bay, and would include a 10MW pilot electrolyser powered by eco-friendly electrical power, and operated in collaboration with Countrywide Renewable resource.

“Woodside is focused on moving beyond feasibility research studies and is targeting hydrogen production at H2TAS in the first half of 2023, following a targeted last investment choice in the third quarter of 2021. Notably, this task would create local building and construction and operational jobs and new opportunities for Tasmanian organizations,” Woodside CEO Peter Coleman said.

“Woodside shares the Tasmanian government’s net-zero aspiration and invites the government’s management in supporting the growth of a domestic hydrogen market,” he added.

“The government has taken concrete actions such as developing the Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Strategy, establishing the Tasmanian Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fund and finalizing this MOU.”

The MoU will see Woodside and the Tasmanian government continue to cooperate on the development of hydrogen markets within the island state. The Tasmanian federal government has described its aspiration to reach 200 per cent eco-friendly electrical energy by 2040 while establishing a green hydrogen market, with an eye on an emerging worldwide market for no emissions fuels.

“We have currently committed to developing a strong and sustainable renewable hydrogen industry in Tasmania, and this interest reveals our plans are viable and appealing for market to invest and base their hydrogen jobs right here,” Tasmania’s minister for state development, Michael Ferguson, stated.

The Tasmanian job would include the installation of a 10MW electrolyser, to produce hydrogen within Tasmania using eco-friendly electrical energy, and is among a handful of projects shortlisted to get grant financing from the Australian Renewable Energy Company, under a $70 million grant program.

The task might provide up to 4.5 tonnes of renewable hydrogen each day, which might be mixed in little quantities with gas as part of Tasmania’s primary gas products.

“We are happy to be able to support this ARENA application through an MOU signed in between the Tasmanian Federal Government and Woodside that will help in enhancing discussions in between the parties concerning a possible partnership for Woodside to develop and operate a hydrogen production facility found here in Tasmania,” said state energy minister Guy Barnett.

Alongside the MoU, Woodside protected a non-binding commitment from Tasmanian gas supplier Tas Gas to develop procedures for the mixing of hydrogen with gas supplies into the state’s main gas network.

Part of the inspiration behind the mixing of green hydrogen into the gas network is most likely to be an objective to extend the life of the gas network as steps to decrease fossil fuel use ramp up. Tas Gas yielded that much of its gas network infrastructure is relatively brand-new, however this would provide some benefits when it concerns hydrogen blending.

“Our networks are relatively brand-new and efficient in securely conveying hydrogen, unlike older systems across Australia,” Tas Gas CEO Phaedra Deckart said.

The ACT federal government has actually announced that it will aim to ultimately phase out the supply of natural gas to families, with the substantial replacement of facilities and devices required to carry out a complete shift to 100 percent hydrogen.

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