States must ramp up electric bus strategies to meet net-zero pledges

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Australian states and territories need to ramp up their plans to electrify their bus fleets if they are to hit their emissions targets, according to a brand-new report by International Association of Public Transportation in Australia and New Zealand (UITPANZ).

The report argues the cost of the technology is now approaching parity with conventional diesel buses, and there is the opportunity to produce the buses in Australia– possibly creating a brand-new export market. Nevertheless, it notes other countries have got a significant head start on that front.

A main problem is the absence of clear policy. While the majority of states and territories have stated they want to decarbonise their bus fleets, the procedure in the majority of cases remains in its infancy. The report states clearer policy are required from the federal in addition to state federal governments to accelerate the process.

“While state and territory net emission targets exist, more specific guidance on the implications for the bus market such as internal combustion engine (ICE) bus end dates, required electrical bus fleet volumes, rate of transition and tactical assistance provided by the federal government will supply higher clearness to producers, assemblers and bus operators,” the report says.

“Together with targets, government financial investment will also have the impact of signalling to industry that it is dedicated to the transition to ZEBs and supply self-confidence to market who need to justify large amounts of capital invest in brand-new buses and the accompanying facilities needs.”

Absolutely no emissions buses (ZEBs) including battery-electric and hydrogen-powered buses, though the report states the previous presently made more economic sense.

Nevertheless, in the long-lasting it says hydrogen automobiles stayed appealing since of their “longer range, energy durability and potentially minimal environmental footprint”.

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